Online Calendar

Your Calendar Everywhere. Access and Manage your Calendar whenever you want and wherever you are.

Online Booking

Stay Open for Business 24/7/365. Your patients can schedule appointments with you at any time of day.


Send your patients appointment confirmations via Email and SMS.
Schedule automatic appointment reminders


Get your personalized profile and that of your organization. Be reachable online on search engines, MedicPA website or a link on your organization’s booking page.​


Integrate Telehealth for with seamless integration with video conferencing and online meeting tools like Zoom.​


Receive consultation fees online. Manage your collections and receivables.

Fair & transparent pricing

MedicPA is free to try for the first 30 days. Subscriptions are then priced according to how many practitioners there are in your practice. SMS messages sent above given limit cost an additional Kshs 1.5 each. Emails are free.

1 Practitioner
1 Practitioner
Small Clinics or Individual Doctors
Kshs 4,500 / mo
    • All MedicPA Features
    • 200 SMS Credits
    • Free Support & Updates
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2-5 Practitioners
2-5 Practitioners
Medium Sized Clinics
Kshs 9,500 / mo
    • All MedicPA Features
    • 1000 SMS Credits
    • Free Support & Updates







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6-9 Practitioners
6-9 Practitioners
Medium to Large Sized Clinics/Hospitals
Kshs 14,500 / mo
    • All MedicPA features
    • 2000 SMS Credits
    • Free Support & Updates
    • Dedicated Account Manager
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